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Kyle August

Answer Your Lover's Prayers (WorkShop)

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This was a live seminar, but don't worry, you can still get access to the 60-minute lecture and 20-page workbook so you can manifest the love you want!

*After purchase you will receive a PDF download with the workbook and access to the recorded seminar. Link to the lecture can be found on the first page of the workbook. If you do not receive the download, contact me at*

🌹 "Answer Your Lover's Prayers" Seminar 🌹

Hosted by Kyle August

Your Specific Person has been sending silent prayers to the universe, hoping you'd step into their life in a profound way. We are here to answer those prayers!

Join us for a transformative seminar where we'll embark on a journey to:

  1. 🌌 Answer the prayers of your loved one - Dive deep into the universe's signals and discover the love that's been waiting for you.
  2. 💖 Bridge the gap between desire and reality - Unravel the power of manifestation and understand how your specific person has been yearning for your presence.
  3. 📖 Master the art of love manifestation - With a 60-minute enlightening lecture from Kyle August, gain exclusive insights into the art of love manifestation.
  4. 📚 Receive a Comprehensive Workbook - Delve deeper with practical exercises and guidelines. This workbook will be your roadmap on how to precisely answer your specific person's prayer and channel the profound love they've been seeking.

Transform Your Destiny!

Answer the call of love. Make dreams a reality. Immerse yourself in an experience that promises to change the way you perceive love and manifestation.

Reserve Your Spot Today and bring the unparalleled love you and your specific person deserve into your shared reality.

💕 Let love guide you. Answer Your Love's Prayers. 💕

See you soon,

Kyle August