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Kyle August

Quick Coaching

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*After purchase, you will receive an email including information on how to begin within 24 hours of purchase. If you do not receive the email, contact me at*

In this package, you will receive a response email from me, Kyle August, towards your current manifestation goals. This is perfect for any quick but comprehensive guidance you may need. My email will be extremely in depth discussing every aspect of your personal manifestation process (About one full page of information). You will get expert advice toward manifesting your specific person. After, you will feel more in line with your goals and bring your specific person closer to you! When signing up, make sure to include your email, and I will send you a message within 24 hours to discuss any details about your current manifestation before we begin. In order to give you the best advice, please give about 2 to 5 days of potential response time. Thank you and I'm so excited to help guide you on your journey!