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Kyle August

Manifest A Text From Your Ex (WorkShop)

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This was a live seminar, but don't worry, you can still get access to the 60-minute lecture and 26-page workbook so you can Manifest A Text From Your Ex!

*After purchase you will receive a PDF download with the workbook and access to the recorded seminar. Link to the lecture can be found on the first page of the workbook. If you do not receive the download, contact me at*

Hello love,

Are you longing to reconnect with a past love? Eager to reignite the spark of conversation with that particular someone who holds a special place in your heart? Well, your search ends here, as we present our unique and transformative seminar, tailor-made just for you!

Join me, Kyle August, your favorite manifestation coach, for an empowering, life-altering 60-minute journey. In this eye-opening session, we're not just going to talk about your dreams, we're going to help you bring them to life! Yes, this includes getting a message from the person you've been missing, dreaming of, or simply yearning for a better relationship with.

This seminar is about creating new possibilities, using the incredible power of manifestation that already resides within you. The love you crave? It's already beating strongly in your heart, waiting to be fully awakened. With my guidance, I assure you that you'll unleash your inner charm, making you irresistible and highly desirable to that specific person you have in mind.

And, the best part? This isn't just limited to an ex-flame. Oh no, my friend! Whether it's a childhood friend, a distant relative, or that attractive co-worker, our seminar is your secret key to unlocking a more fulfilling relationship with anyone you desire.

To join us in this life-changing seminar, all you need is an internet connection. Post-purchase, you'll get access to the recorded seminar.  And to make sure the love magic keeps flowing, you'll also receive a detailed 26-page workbook that goes along with it. This handy guide will allow you to further explore the concepts we discuss and manifest your heart's desires continuously.

I can't wait to see you on the other side, ready to embark on a journey towards achieving the communication you've always yearned for. Let's put that pep back in your step and bring your desired love story into reality! 

Unleash your potential and witness the magic unfold. Are you ready to manifest the text you've been waiting for? The journey to love reconnection starts now!

See you soon!

With love, Kyle August