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Kyle August

Weekly Challenge Workbook - If God Had Problems, Who Would Solve Them?

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Weekly Challenge: If God Had Problems, Who Would Solve Them?

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Let's delve deeper into this beautiful understanding of our reality. As we begin, I want to re-emphasize one crucial fact - you hold absolute power over your reality. Think of it as having an internal switch that can light up your universe with love and positivity. You, my dear friend, are a conduit of the divine, a vessel of the universe's limitless power, wisdom, and comprehension. Perhaps, it's time for a gentle reminder, a tender nudge, to awaken to this truth that is within you. Recognizing this is like being handed the keys to the kingdom – it's a reclaiming of your inherent power.

You might ask, "How does this intertwine with my manifestation journey?" Well, this realization is not just a theoretical notion; it's a practical tool. Whenever you find yourself questioning your ability to manifest your specific person, remember your divine connection. Pondering this concept will transport you into a positive, abundant state, almost like magic.

Now, I want you to close your eyes and envision your divine connection, your God state. Recall Neville Goddard's words, "You are Jesus, connected directly to God." Contemplate this. If we embody the limitless power of the divine, why should worry or doubt cloud our minds? How can we even entertain the notion of our incapability?